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    Jun 29, 2008, 3:43 PM - ROTJ colours needed #1

    I saw this pic of the an ESB & ROTJ lid on the boards.

    The ESB colours look very similar to mine own. However I want to do a ROTJ and would really like to match the colours of this ROTJ lid. Does anyone have a paint list that might come close? I had always intended to use the same colours for both my lids !!!!!
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    Jun 29, 2008, 7:11 PM - Re: ROTJ colours needed #2

    Posted by evan4218:

    *Humbrol matt 31(main color)
    *Humbrol "77 Matt Navy Blue" (Lower cheeks)
    *Tamiya "TS 43 Racing green"(rear)
    *Humbrol enamel 88 (rear) *Use this color to tone down the main green by dry brushing it on lightly.
    *Cabboose Flouquil enamel (mandibles)
    *Humbrol super enamel 82 (killstripes)
    *The misting/weathering was done by mixing some gray enamel with Weathered black and lightly airbrushign it on.
    *Discolorations were darkend and lightened Matt 31 Humbrol enamel by mixing white and or weathered black.
    *Silver was Hubrol Chrome Silver enamel.

  4. Jun 30, 2008, 3:04 AM - Re: ROTJ colours needed #3

    Heres the list i've been working on for a totally layered ROTJ also notes on how i approached each stage, just remember to seal the misting layers on the silver before adding other layers, i used satin cote...

    ROTJ Helmet no.1

    1:1 paint to thinners

    1. Add surface scrathes with dremmel /SP pencil
    2.spray entire helmet with silver no. 11 approx 1.5-2 tins
    3.leave at least 24 hrs to cure
    4.lightly buff entire helmet with 0000 wire wool then dust off surface
    5.masking tape entire helmet leaving mandibles and trim exposed
    6.liquid mask bright silver damage on mandibles and trim
    7.mist black 33 onto mandibles and trim as per reference pics. leave L/H lower mandible
    8. mist 72 up lower L/H mandible
    9.liquid mask misted areas on mandible and trim as per reference
    10.spray red 73 approx. 0.5 tin
    11. 2 coats of gloss onto the red
    12. leave at least 24 hrs
    13. masking tape entire helmet except upper/lower cheeks
    14. liquid mask bright silver damage
    15.mist black 33 onto upper/lower cheeks
    16.seal with satin cotex2 coats
    17 leave at least 24 hrs
    18.liquid mask misted silver damage on upper lower cheeks
    19.spray black 33 onto upper cheeks, do not mask off lower cheeks!
    20.masking tape upper cheeks. Liquid mask curve between upper/lower cheeks and darker areas of overspray on lower cheeks.
    21. liquid mask misted silver damage on dome.
    22. spray dome and cheeks with 2 layers of green 78
    23. liquid mask light green areas on dome and lower cheeks, spray green 86 x 1 mist coat then a splatter coat with badly adjusted airbrush
    24. leave 24 hrs remove all masking, then a good going over with 0000 wire wool on painted areas, start to add fine scratches with compass point and SP pencil
    25. Liquid mask bright silver damage on rear panels and key slots, masking tape off the rest of the helmet
    26. Mist coat grey 79 then shaded with black 33, then a fine splatter of 33 onto back panels and key slots
    27. 2-3 coats of satin cote on back panels and key slots
    28. liquid mask misted areas on panels and key slot as per ref. pics.
    29. mask key slot area
    30. green 131+ green 76 (1:1) on back panels
    31. mask helmet leaving ears, mist black 33 then mist brown 62, then darken again with black 33 mist
    32. use fine and medium wire wool, scratch and buff in details.
    33. remove all mask from helmet
    34. liquid mask bright silver damage detail in middle of back r/h panel
    35. mist grey 79 very lightly all over helmet to reduce contrast especially on r/h back panel
    36. lightly mist black 33 over helmet to further reduce contrast in certain areas
    37. mask kill stripes using combination of liquid and masking tape, spray with orange 82 then gloss
    38. add scratches with SP pencil and compass point.
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    Jun 30, 2008, 6:39 AM - Re: ROTJ colours needed #4

    Cheers guys

    that is more than i had hoped for

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