Removing cast-in T-visor

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    Removing cast-in T-visor

    Hey all! I'm a long-time lurker who's finally (FINALLY) starting work on a Boba costume. I recently acquired an Asok CC bucket and have started prep work. Working with these materials is pretty new to me and I'd like to avoid damaging my helmet right out of the gates because I was impatient and did something foolish.

    That being said, the helmet has resin in the T-visor where the green welding mask will eventually go. It's decently thick to boot. Is there any method of removing this resin that you'd recommend? I have access to a hand-held cast saw (hooked up to an air compressor) at work which would probably do the job, but those things are a bit squirrely IMO. What do y'all think? For any of you who've removed that portion before, how'd you do it?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Removing cast-in T-visor

    Use Dremel clay cutting wheels to cut that section out. You'll have to go slowly to avoid gouging the helmet surface with the spinning metal piece that hold the dremel tips though

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    Re: Removing cast-in T-visor

    I second the dremel tool! ive used that to cut out many t-visors lol.

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    Re: Removing cast-in T-visor

    dremel or low tech with a hack saw blade, or an xacto knife

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    Re: Removing cast-in T-visor

    40 watt laser.

    Definitely a Dremel cut-off wheel. Like apolifka said, take your time and keep a firm grip on the Dremel!

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    Re: Removing cast-in T-visor

    Dermal it is, then! Superjedi, I tried the low tech options you mentioned, but the resin is a bit too thick for x-acto knives, and I was having trouble keeping my hack saw straight. I don't own a dremel (yet), but luckily we have several at work! Thanks for your advice, all!

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