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    Remove paint

    I have done a search and found nothing so I am calling on your wisdom.

    I have a very nice fiberglass bucket that I want to repaint.

    Do any of you know the best stuff to get the paint off with out harming the bucket?

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    Re: Remove paint

    Just sanding it down with different grit sandpaper usually does a good job. That's how I repainted mine.

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    Re: Remove paint

    hey, you can get something called "KWICK Marine" at ur local paint or hardware store. It will remove paint off of anything...but be sure not to get eh orange can...that might eat the fiberglass...ull need to use gloves cause it WILL burn ur skin. Get the blue can marked Marine...its for fiberglass

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    Re: Remove paint

    I used paint stripper on my old 96 DP & had nothing but problems. Anytime you use chemical disolvents to eat the paint off something, it leaves behind residue which seems to prevent new paint from sticking as well, at least thats been my experience. Not that it isn't a good way to go, just make dang shure you completely remove all the residue. (It can be kindof a sticky/gooey mess & it may take several applications to get all the paint completely off.) my advice would be to just sand the sucker down well & repaint. Doesnt matter if you have 1, 2, or even 3 coats of old paint on it, as long as you sand it smooth. just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Remove paint

    hey i double checked the KWICK

    it WILL damage fiberglass... try a boating store

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    Re: Remove paint

    Thanks for the help. I sanded it down in the end and I am now working on painting it.

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