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Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

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    Re: Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

    Bountyone said: View Post
    Dude!, is that Cheech in the glass cabinet behind you bro???
    Look like it...

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    Re: Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

    Alcfalath said: View Post
    I meant for 'that' helmet you just did, in the primer stage cutting out the scratches, if you did any photos of all the surfaces and the cuts you made, whilst still in primer... Im planning on doing the same thing with my helmet when it gets here, and Id love to be able to have it look as good as yours does...
    I usually don't take a ton of progress pics, since I tend to feel like it's all be done a million times before. That could just be me remembering the million times I've replaced my own helmet though!

    What photos I did take are all here:

    Fettpride has very detailed shots of all of the RotJ damage on his site:

    There's nothing I could show that he hasn't already

    Btw you did use a dremel tool right? If so what one?
    Yeah... I used an engraving bit on it, rather than the cutting disk. It looks like a little cone with fine blades spiraling around the edges. Cuts through the resin like a hot knife in butter.

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    Re: Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

    I've been watching your progress and then glancing at my MR helmet and each time I just shake my head in resignation, there's no way I could cut into my pretty (although somewhat malodorous) helmet.

    I love that the resident "experts" at MR have pooled their talents to create this replica helmet and you guys have said "close but not quite" and proceeded to fix their finished product to get it that little bit closer to perfection.

    Inspirational stuff, kudos to all of those involved :thumbup

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    Re: Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

    it's definitely a tough pill to swallow.

    from what i've read, just replacing the visor makes a big difference, if you're looking for things to be improved a little without hacking it all up!

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    Re: Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

    Awesome work Brian! I'm inspired all over again bro!

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    Re: Rebuilding a Master Replicas Fett helmet

    Holy moly! Awesome work! i could never pull that off!

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