rangefinder ideas

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    rangefinder ideas

    I'm working up the electronics for a rangefinder. I'm thinking of doing a back light for the display. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what the "display" would look like. Is it crosshair? HUD or something else? Thanks guys.

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    Re: rangefinder ideas

    Hard to really tell...

    In ESB, there was no real clear view IMHO of Boba's RF viewfinder, but in ROTJ when he follows the Falcon after the Star Destryor's garbage dump, you can see 3 green horizontal lines in his RF...

    ESB caps are way too difficult to actually pin down a certain picture in his RF... What version are you planning on doing?

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    Re: rangefinder ideas

    If I am understanding your question check this

    it is the prepro helmet's RF image.

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    Re: rangefinder ideas

    ESB - thanks for the tip. I'll take a look at the link.

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    Re: rangefinder ideas

    Hmm, looks like a film cel from the longest day? Pretty funny. I'm thinking that I might do my own thing on this one - I think a simple glowing crosshair would be pretty cool.
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