Rangefinder Construction Issue

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    Rangefinder Construction Issue

    Hello all,

    I am building a rangefinder that I want to be able to put LEDs in. I also wanted to make a slot at the base of the rangefinder to accept a tab at the top of the stalk - as opposed to gluing (or otherwise attaching) the rangefinder directly onto a flat stalk top. I want to cast my rangefinder in resin, which means the area inside the spot where the slot and LEDs go will be almost full of resin. My problem is this:

    If I put a slot in the base I'm afraid that it will get in the way of the LEDs, since they are placed directly above it. Have people here run into problems like that? If so, what did you end up doing?

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    Re: Rangefinder Construction Issue

    The RF Cruzer uses for his Jango helmets is constructed that way, small slot at the end of the stalk and the resin pours around to keep it attached work great except getting electronics into it as you mentioned; unless you were to construct the RF head to be hollow and take a small contained electronics kit?

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    Re: Rangefinder Construction Issue

    Yeah theres no room for a slot... i tried the same thing... i just glue my RF
    Which LED do you have?

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    Re: Rangefinder Construction Issue

    That's weird... my reply from yesterday is missing.

    I don't currently have any LEDs for it.

    I think I'll still make it with the slot, but I'm going to make it shorter. The tab will also be shorter of course. I should probably not make the final judgment on whether it's done until I have my LEDs ready to put in.

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