Rangefinder ?

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    Rangefinder ?


    My Don post 95 helmet is currently rangefinderless and armless, does anyone have the measurements for these very important parts ?

    Appreciate it, thanks

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    Re: Rangefinder ?

    I am wondering the same thing, only for my DP 96. I'll ask this question for us both. Should the rangefinder assembly be smaller as these are undersized helmets; or doesnt it not really matter?

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    Re: Rangefinder ?

    Contact Richie from Richies armor. He makes Metal ones for the Dp's.

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    Re: Rangefinder ?

    The aluminum posts that I offer fit the DP helmet as well. They do not look oversized & are something that you can keep if you upgrade your bucket.

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    Re: Rangefinder ?

    Thanks for the help

    I'm a make it myself type of person though, nothing like getting the workshop and working on stuff I'll be making the post out of metal or resin.
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