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Range Finder Electrics RC help

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    Re: Range Finder Electrics RC help

    OK, I'm waiting for a couple of things to happen, but I hope to soon have something to share. I want to have a moving RF but don't have the skills to do it myself so I have commissioned a small electronics company to develop one to my order. initially I figured I'd just order it as a one off, but it turns out the price they can do it for is pretty good.

    Like I say, I'm waiting for a couple of things, namely a prototype to test and show you guys, but the company has said they'll be able to mass produce 2 versions. a hardwired unit where you activate the RF servo by pressing a momentary switch (like the ones on your gaunt, so it can be wired to the gaunt quite easily), or a remote control unit where there are no wires and it's controlled by a key fob transmitter, like you car alarm.

    Once I've got the prototype I'll post pics/a movie and start an interest thread, but it's gonna be pretty exciting, and well priced!

    Watch this space.


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    Re: Range Finder Electrics RC help

    Looking forward to what you come up w/ Si!!!

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    Re: Range Finder Electrics RC help

    If you like, we have a servo RC solution already available!

    The servo controller board automatically raises and lowers the rangefinder using any off-the-shelf servo. It is custom designed and built by us. The controller board also sequences 2 red LEDs once the rangefinder is in the down position. We also have custom sound boards to do the ambient rangefinder sound, and even a full blown Fett voice changer.

    We sell low-profile servos, the servo controller board, and even a complete package w/ the radio and keyfob. We used to sell a voice activation board too, but it has been discontinued.

    If you want to save a little dough, you can also buy the radio board online and hook it up yourself to our servo controller. It's pretty easy.

    Check out the movies on the site too!

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    Re: Range Finder Electrics RC help

    damn ruffkintoy that's amazing

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