Question about size

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    Question about size

    Well, since i just reciently finished my helm, i put it on for the first time (not just to line things up, but to see how it looks compleated) and im kinda worried that i may (and this sounds weird lol) have to short a neck for this helmet...what do you think?

    Granted, this pic is a lil off...there is actually about 2 to 2 and a 1/2 inches between the bottom of the bucket and my sholder

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    Re: Question about size

    Dont worry about it. If you are going to put this on dispay somewhere thats fine. If you are going to bump around in it with your college friends like I do, thats fine too...

    Anyway we're talking about your neck here. Its not like you can cange it.
    Put some padding in the top or a hard hat liner.

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    Re: Question about size

    maybe flare out the sides a lil more, itll give it a more accurate look AND look higher on your neck. good luck, keep us posted

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    Re: Question about size

    Some more foam on the top of your head to make it higher, along with a neckpiece/baclava to cover up any skin showing should make it perfect.

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    Re: Question about size

    the way you wear it makes all the difference.

    a bit of foam in the top to raise it up is the biggest thing.

    then the way you stand. i found that i naturally tend to want to look down when i'm wearing it, so as to avoid the blind spots from the cheeks of the helmet.

    if i keep my back and neck straight, the helmet doesn't want to hit the chest as much.

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    Re: Question about size

    go to a sports store and buy one of the helmets that have an inside head support liner. (or a hardware store for a hard hat liner)

    rip it out and mount in your helmet, this will keep it off shoulders and keep it from rolling around like a bell.

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