Ok so I have not made a single prop in the longest time, what better than to start with a Boba Fett helmet n Finish it. Once this is done, I am going to be making a mold of it and casting individual helmets if anyone wants one, they wouldn't really cost that much and the helmet itself is going to be very very durable in the end, and it will be as accurate as I can possibly get it, I know almost all about how the helmet looks in my mind perfectly. These will not be a certain movie helmet (IE: Special Edition, or Empire) These helmets will be fully scratch free so they do not represent a single movie and can be modified or I can even modify before shipping to a certain movie style. I have learned a lot since my last go around of making props and that's patience hehe And yes these helmets will not be fully completely movie accurate to the teeth, and its only for the dimension really, i'm confident I can make something look as close as possible to the screen used. So let me know if you are interested possibly in the next few weeks for a fiberglass Boba Fett helmet cast for not that expensive of a price ( we are looking at about $100 per helmet ) These would be good for any episode Boba, including custom mandos
Pics will be up tonight!!