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    Painters For Hire

    Hey gang, I am thinking about going with the Fang Bucket. I was wondering. Is there any painters for hire out there. I was hoping to do this with a budget of $300.00 if this is possible (I have no Idea what a painter would charge). I would like to try painting it myself but I have never done anything like this and I am scared of putting money into it and then botching it up. Can you guys give me a heads up on this? Thanks.

    If their are painters out there willing to accept this offer I was going to buy the Fang and have it mailed to either me or you and have it painted and shipped. Whichever way works best. Please send me a PM if you would be willing. Thanks


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    Re: Painters For Hire

    there's another thread going right now about painters and roughly what to expect...

    i think the overall sentiment thus far has been $250 and up for painting.

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    Re: Painters For Hire

    Just PM'd you.

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