1. RazaKuhn
    Jul 31, 2004, 9:56 PM - Paint removal #1

    I have a DP95 and was wondering besides sanding what is a good way to completely remove the paint on the helmet? I used paint thinner tonight for probably an hour, but still have probably another hour of pour-on-thinner-and-sand-with scrubby to go.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm doing this because the helmet is in bad shape. It has a crack in it, which I bought bondo today for. I accidently tore one of the mandibles tonight and the previous owner tried painting it and the paint was all sticky and gummy :yuck:

    thanks guys

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  3. DL44 Blaster's Avatar
    Member Since
    Mar 2002
    Aug 1, 2004, 3:22 PM - Re: Paint removal #2

    You can use "Pro Stripper".It is found with other chemicals in Home Depot or Lowes. I use it on alot of my prop stuff when I don't want to fool around with sandpaper and just do a quick chemical strip. The stuff is really NASTY,but it works awesome. It is safe on all the plastics I've used it on including a Classic Action DP Vader,so the Fett should be just fine. What would take hours sanding takes seconds with this stuff

    Oh yeah,just make sure to use it outside unless you want to get a nice contact buzz
  4. RazaKuhn
    Aug 1, 2004, 5:18 PM - Re: Paint removal #3


    After you did this did you find that you had to soak the helmet to get the smell out? I'm doing that tonight, the helmet is in the bath tub with half a both of lemon dish soap to get the smell of thinner out.

  5. DL44 Blaster's Avatar
    Member Since
    Mar 2002
    Aug 1, 2004, 5:52 PM - Re: Paint removal #4

    Thinners' smell hangs around for a while.......don't be surprised if the bath doesn't help. I personally have never had a smell issue with the Pro Stripper. It's not on there long enough to last. It might even help pull out some of the thinner smell.
  6. Member Since
    Dec 2002
    Aug 1, 2004, 11:25 PM - Re: Paint removal #5

    I've got a quick solution. Go to your nearest hardware store they should have a paint remover wich comes in a spray can.All you have to do is spray and wipe and yes it is safe on vynil.

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