Ouch! My nose.....

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    Ouch! My nose.....

    Greetings all - this may be a lame question / post but I'm having problems with my helmet. Mainly, when fitting it on my head, the t-visor rubs up against my nose. This is a Jango Deluxe Rubies helmet....got it on ebay and is pretty straight. I can't put padding on inside top because it makes helmet "rise" and i can't see. Seems to lean forward causing the nose rubbing.
    Other than that it's great! Well, it's no Bobamaker or Mystery but it'll do for now.

    I've tried different things but can't get it right.
    Any suggestions???

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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    Get a ninja hood for underneath. I forget the real name for them however they can be found in Sportsmans guide. They help with the rubbing issue namely not making your nose as sensative. Give her a shot, they are like 6 bucks a piece, plus they are great for catching sweet.

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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    That's one of the main problems with using a Rubies or Don Post... they're too small and there's simply not often enough room in them.

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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    MediaGuyPJ said:
    Get a ninja hood for underneath. I forget the real name for them however they can be found in Sportsmans guide.
    Do you by any chance mean a Balaclava?

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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    That method could work however your going to find it mighty hot in there if your wearing your bucket to conventions etc

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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    Mmmmmm. . . I had some chocolate balaclava once. Tasty!

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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    I think you mean baclava, very, very good stuff. Anyways, I am having the same trouble with my DP. You might try putting a little bit of padding in the front, so the helmet is pushed away from your face.


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    Re: Ouch! My nose.....

    Ok. With my Adrian Brody nose, I read this post and put my DP 95 on. I had to remove the fan to get it to fit, somewhat. My nose still rubs the visor, but not as bad. I put helmet padding in back and at the top front (above the visor) on the inside. So far, it works ok. I think you should just play around with it until it's comftorable to you.

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