ok, next offshoot question concerning the actual screen used visors..i know the stunt helmets were cast in red flexible material and painted etc, I was wondering if those stunt visors were thicker perspex or made of different stuff entirely, seeing as how the actual stunt helmets were cast in flexible stuff, wouldn't it make sense to not have a rigid piece of Perspex right in front of the stunt mans eyes? I searched a bit but all I found was that they were recast from hero helmets and in red stuff I forget the name of and repainted. I have the star wars/Indiana jones lucas film prop archive book where it shows the awesome up close photo of the stunt helmet and you can see the sloppy paint job in the jawbone/cheek area and the lack of detailed dental tool in the helmet as well. why the heck did they photograph that helmet and not the hero helmets..? just thinking/typing outloud. thanks for reading!!--chris