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    Nov 1, 2004, 2:29 AM - *Offical* Mustard Method painting tutorial #1

    As promised here is my mustard method tutorial. I can not take credit for inventing this method, Chris-TK-409 had it on his site. But here is a step by step pic tutorial. Just keep in mind there are many ways to paint a helmet this is just my favorite way to do it. All the paints used are Lee's (rouge studios) paints. This helmet is ROTJ style and the upper cheak is yes, blue. I asked he said C&O enchaments blue, I said ok and painted it.

    First you want to paint your helmet silver (I suggest not using cheap testors enamel silver NIGHTMARE!) Once the paint has dried for a full day or so then you can begin applying the mustard to the helmet. I use regular yellow, French's I think mustard. When you apply the mustard don't worry about it being to thick in areas as that won't matter in the long run. Do be aware that if the mustard is very thin then not all of it will come off, this may not be a bad thing...


    Next just paint the paints over the mustard after it is nice and dry. I don't own an airbrush so all these paints you see are hand painted. You can see the mustard areas as the lighter parts of the paint. I also like to paint really well over the mustard, just so it has a real nice chipped off look when it comes off.


    Once the paint is nice and dry all you have to start doing is scratching the mustard off. I use my fingernail, (I let it grow a little longer than usual just for this) because anything harder than your nails will scratch through the silver paint. ***if you look at some of these pics you can see the paint below the silver, that is because this paintjob was over an old one and I used cheap testors enamel paint and it came right off, normally this doesn't happen and it never has before to me ***

    After all of the scratching was done, I took a little bit of black paint and smudged some of the silver areas with my finger just to give it a little more dirty look it it.

    And here are the finished pics, I took these pics with out the flash so you can see the colors for what they really look like once done.

    And that boys and girls is all I have to say about that. Tell me what you think and if you use this post up pics. Good luck.
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  3. ChurchBlue
    Nov 2, 2004, 12:27 AM - Re: *Offical* Mustard Method painting tutorial #2

    Nice job, helps alot.
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    Nov 3, 2004, 1:09 AM - Re: *Offical* Mustard Method painting tutorial #3

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Nov 7, 2004, 7:51 PM - Re: *Offical* Mustard Method painting tutorial #4

    Very cool thanks for the tutorial!
    But now everytime i wear my helmet want a hotdog.

    Just funnin ya;-)lol!

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