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Newbie needs some guidance!

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    Well then. Good morning in a weird kind of way. I just at dinner not long ago and will be going to bed in a couple of hours. However, for you, you'll be getting up in a couple of hours. Kind of weird to think about. And about 2 way glass. You can get it in all different colors including silver I do believe which looks really cool.

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    I will have to check that out.
    this visor is proving to be interesting.
    Thanks again for your interest GraphiX, I am bound for the land of nod...this thread might be quiet from me until I have some nice photos to upload, a week or so I guess.
    (get yourself on deviantart, loads of similar minded people on there, despite the name, I never really got the name deviantart!)

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    Maybe deviant art was originally made for artists that made creepy and sketchy and "deviant" pieces of artwork. Thoughts? Anyway, we don't mind seeing "not nice pics". We like to see anything you have to show us. Although don't go out of your way to provide us with updates. Just keep us pasted at your own individual rate.

    and I sure will look into deviant art. Although I don't know exactly when that will be, but I'll give you my home page when I do.

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    Oh my god. Just checked out your deviant art. Theres some excelent stuff (and some creepy like the "puff the x-wing") You should get a wacom. It's an excelent graphics tablet that you would really enjoy. Here's a link (note: the link I gave you is the American link because it has a cooler head page. But feel free to go to the European one.)

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    BTW, If I don't respond to any of your messages, I'm still on line but I have to do my math homework *I mumble something about Leonardo da Vinci never having to do homework* But I should be able to respond to all your messages in a 1/2 hour to a x squared+7x+9=0. Whoops, math homework is starting to affect me lol. But some where from a 1/2 hour to an hour and a 1/2.

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    It's not morning for me but, Good morning! Time to check out the 2 way.

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    Re: Newbie needs some guidance!

    hi Evarcha hallo Graphix :] how are You guys , Evaracha get that camera working and post some pic please I'm curious how is your progress , we probably at similar stage my bucket is almost ready for painting need a bit sanding only pic on my thread, i found humbrol paint in my local art shop 2morrow will check if they have colors i need (ESB) hope they do :] then need to buy airbrush and there is a chance i will start painting this weekend :]]]]]

    I'm definitely going for layering and scratching method (did some tests should be OK ) and i think you should to :] will look lot better and you experienced painter should be easy for you , BTW your painting are awesome , Darth maul kicks *** :]] i wish i could paint like this , never tried paint but i do draw a bit this days mandalorian warriors mostly ;]]] i will attempt to draw a comic book one day but for now still need to practice my skills .

    back to helmet :] i will post some more pic 2day if you can have a look and comment i will appreciate :] , now need to go back to sanding this bucket :]

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