New RF Sculpt

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    New RF Sculpt

    I recently acquired one of the 'Polaroid' cameras that contains the supposed RF window. I removed the window and compared it to my existing sculpt, it was slightly larger. With this knowledge I have resculpted my RF slightly larger (using the window as a scale marker). The new sculpt is:

    • Slightly larger than my existing version
    • Has Hollow portion for WORKING LEDs
    • Centre cast in CLEAR RESIN with green stripes
    • Edges are more rounded
    • Will fit existing stalk

    i will supply the RF with the central clear resin portion separate to allow you to fit your working LEDs, once fitted you can lock in the clear portion with a blob of glue.

    The pictures show the actual camera and my sculpt in it's 'almost finished' state.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails camera-jpg   rf-jpg  

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    Re: New RF Sculpt

    Wow!! Very nice work!

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    Re: New RF Sculpt

    Cool! Nice work, Daz.

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    Re: New RF Sculpt

    How much?!?!!

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    Re: New RF Sculpt

    Probably the same as my current deluxe RF.


    GCNgamer128 said: View Post
    How much?!?!!

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    Re: New RF Sculpt

    hey ! Daz i want it ! tomorrow i send you an email for it !

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