Needfulthings Helmet

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    Needfulthings Helmet

    Hey does anyone have one made buy Needfulthings aka Mario I know he does a clonehelmet as well as fetts. I ordered a fett helmet from him a while ago and still havent seen and havent been able to get in touch with him. Anyone know anything on this seller?

    Thanks Alot,


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    Re: Needfulthings Helmet

    Do you have any pics of this helmet?

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    Re: Needfulthings Helmet

    I wish I did have pics. I dont have anything. I was supposed to have the helmet within a week of ordering and that was the begining of june. I am kind of bummed.

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    Re: Needfulthings Helmet are talking about Mario...he is a pretty good guy...I have one of his helmets...a nice piece of work...

    ...he has had a few issues and he was also injured...he will come thru for you...I know it is hard to be patient but just send him a friendly email and see how it goes...good luck

    Take care

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    Re: Needfulthings Helmet

    Yeah I emailed him like 5 times and he was supposed to over night my helmet to me on tuesday I told him I needed it for an event on Saturday with the grand fett himself JB. But no helmet no response. I am really bummed out. I had to borrow a helmet from a friend of mine in Cali. So now its cost like an extra 30 bucks.

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