My resin bucket progress.

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    My resin bucket progress.

    Hi there fellow Fett-heads. Here are a few pix of my resin slush-cast helmet then, 2-26-2008 and now:

    What do ya think? Questions, ideas, input and constructive criticism welcome.

    Thanks, everyone.
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    Re: My resin bucket progress.

    OK, I guess that's not as much progress as I thought it was.

    I do have a question about the back of the helmet. If I cut it straight across, the keyslots will be at the very bottom edge of the helmet. How should I try to add more length to the back of the helmet?
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    Re: My resin bucket progress.

    Wow. Anybody get the number on that truck?

    A strip of styrene taped inside the bottom of the edge, extending beyond the bottom - PC-7 or similar epoxy putty - prepare epoxy and apply to surface of styrene, extending onto edge and partial surface of helmet - let harden. You can sand the area you want the PC-7 to bond with to make it stronger. You can also take a wet finger (wear a vinyl glove if you like) and smooth the epoxy out before it begins to set. That will mean minimal sanding/shaping afterwards.

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    Re: My resin bucket progress.

    Thanks Gypsyboy for the suggestions. I wondered if I could I use "For Sale" sign material and bondo instead or is the styrene and PC-7 better suited to this task?

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