My repainted DP '97

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    Wow, I can't believe that's a 97...good job!

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    Yea that is pretty good looking, espically for a 97!

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    Dude that is incredible. I would have never guessed it was a 97. I would have thought it was a reshaped recast. Excellent work man you are an inspiration!

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    This is an excellent job!! No way does that look like a 97 (you got rid of the flat head)

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    i have a DP DLX, and it doesnt look as great as yours...great job

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    Nice Work!

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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    That is brilliant, no way would you guess thats a 97.


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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    I agree with everyone. I would never have guessed that was a DP. How did you do it?


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    Re: My repainted DP '97

    First, I flared the helmet so the sides were no longer straight up and down. I heated the helmet and used a nine inch stick to push out the sides. Then I replaced the visor with one purchased from e-bay. I then masked it off and primed the helmet with a plastics primer. I coated the whole helmet silver, then used mustard to mask off the scratches. After spraying all the colors, I painted the small detail around the scratches with a brush and water based paints from the craft store. To finish it off, I used my airbrush to add black around the damaged areas. I still need to print up the ear decals and give it a final satin clear coat.

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