My Pepakura Fett Helmet

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    My Pepakura Fett Helmet

    Firstly I thought I would say Hello, new to the site as I only found it the other day.

    I have been attempting a pepakura Fett helmet for a while now, 1st attempt was scrapped after some fold a glue issues lol, so used that a template for 2nd attempt.

    1_zps2ca4cca3-jpg 2_zps481137f7-jpg

    Felt the helmet felt smother and glued tabs where nice and tight

    4_zpsc21058ae-jpg 5_zps4ca251be-jpg

    I fibreglass resined the outside with 3 coats.


    and now I have fibreglass matted the inside ready to start the filler stage


    So next week I should be ready to find a visor and think about painting

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    Re: My Pepakura Fett Helmet

    Good start mate. Looking forward to watching your progress.

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    Re: My Pepakura Fett Helmet


    A bit more progress on the helmet

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    Re: My Pepakura Fett Helmet

    Hi. Looks good so far.

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