My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

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    My MSH1 ESB Fett Helmet

    Hey guys, been a lurker here for awhile now, been a member over at the RPF since the old days. Still, all the helmet painting threads over here really got me itching to try and paint a Fett lid myself. So I thought I'd show off my first attempt at doing a Boba Helmet. Some of you may have seen my thread over at the RPF, and I've really just copy/pasted it, but I wanted to share with the people who gave me the inspiration and motivation to take the leap and do this.

    I've finished the helmet (for now I guess, nothing's ever finished with me, I always end up going back and messing with things) since these photos were taken and I will update with completed photos in the days to come....

    I've never done this before, but I think it came out pretty good for a first attempt.

    I keep forgetting to put the little connector dimple thingy on there, and the ears arent permanently attached just yet, but other than that, it's pretty much done.

    Here's a teaser...

    And the whole album

    I know the right mandible is way off, I had a lot of trouble there. Many of the other details are more of an artistic interpretation, I didn't adhere so strictly to templates and original reference. I'm not that good yet.

    Lemme know what you guys think! I'd love any advice or suggestions, all comments are welcome.

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    That looks great! Awesome job on the paint up mate!

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    Looks great. Your on your way to a nice bucket.

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    Thats awesome!

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    [FONT=Georgia]I still think you've done a stunning job and I can't wait until it's completely finished![/FONT] :thumbup

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    Amazing paintjob!!.Natty made a great job.I love that helmet.


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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    impressive job

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    Re: My MSH1 ESB Fett Helme

    Looks great I just finished off my MSH1 to was about to post up some pics as well good job I like the weathering looks really worn...I mean that in a good way

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