My helmet boba

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    My helmet boba

    Hi, I'm new to this place, please excuse my English I'm from Spain.

    recently started my helmet

    need help I need help advice

    do not know if the hull shape is the correct?

    they think
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    Re: My helmet boba

    On close inspection of the pictures it APPEARS as if you are trying to recreate a dome on a domeless bucket.
    I do believe that the dome itself is not a perfect part of a sphere but rather a slightly enlongated sphere.

    As for the depth of the dome as indicated in these pictures, it seems a bit shallow, maybe by an inch.

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    Re: My helmet boba

    this is a test I have to work even in the

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    Re: My helmet boba

    now probe the helmet and for some reason too small for me

    help me pls
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    Re: My helmet boba

    how much padding do you have in the top of the helmet? that might be the problem. if that's not it then you're going to have to take the top off and make it taller.

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    Re: My helmet boba

    the problem is the nose comes out of the town

    do not know if I have to open a little more..

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    Re: My helmet boba

    It still looks a bit too short on top.

    If your nose it getting stuck, you may wish to think about making the helmet longer.

    It looks like it is made from plastic. You could expand it directly behind the ears, add about 3/4 inch plastic, fill it, then sand it.

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