My ESB Helmet (PICS)-DP95

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    My ESB Helmet (PICS)-DP95

    Hi all and happy holidays...

    Here is my pretty much completed helm. I could not have done it without you all. The ears (the "U's") are vinyl decals I had made. I have 2 of the black and white ones left that if you PM me, I will send to the first two PM I receive for free (I dont need em). I can also provide information for who made them for me...he is a great guy and provides excellent service.


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    Re: My ESB Helmet (PICS)-DP95

    Looking real good!
    Hard to beleive that's a DP 95, keep up the good work bro.
    - Jorge

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    Re: My ESB Helmet (PICS)-DP95

    I think that it turned out great! Nice work!!

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    Re: My ESB Helmet (PICS)-DP95

    I know..I have a hard time believing it too

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