My ESB Amatuer Paintjob

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    My ESB Amatuer Paintjob

    Here's what I started with:

    This is the MLC modified DP97 recast. I bought it from a fellow board member - I assumed MLC meant MLC-1 and he assumed that since MLC made it, it was a MLC. It's a nice helmet but not quite enough room with my glasses on. He's been super cool about the whole thing and offered a full refund if I don't sell it but I decided to paint it up and give it another try.

    Here's my paint job:

    Note that I reworked the front "turn signals" and the dent. A little bondo and some sculpting with a sharp knife, et voila!

    I wanted to get it done to see what the colors looked like together. I used all spray paints - I can list my colors if anyone really wants them. If/when I finally get a extra large helmet, I'll take a lot more time and really go for accuracy.

    Feedback / advice appreciated.

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    Re: My ESB Amatuer Paintjob

    the kill stripes are up a bit high on the bucket jodo my friend. other than that, nice work - should help this bucket sell on eBay (lets hope!)

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    Re: My ESB Amatuer Paintjob

    Thanks Obi Sean, I messed up with my template and masking for the kill stripes (thanx TK-409) and put them too high.

    It's a nice helmet but just too damn small for my peanut!

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