My attempted helmet tutorial

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    My attempted helmet tutorial

    Hi All,

    i have been meaning to post pics of my boba helmet but, with one thing and another never got round to it.
    I've been taking photo's of the my step by step process and wanted to post them up all at one time.

    Disaster struck and I've lost all my photo's of the build.
    i was carrying my external hard drive and i dropped it, the drive been dead ever since, i can hear it spinning and it makes loud clonking noises very so often.
    (Now i know why they say back up my back up)

    I started this project very early last year and had amassed quite a few pic's to make a tutorial.
    Anyway trying not to think about it, maddens me when i think about it.

    I suppose this will give me an excuse to start a new one

    I made my helmet out of large 25 litre paint tub's,
    and used a kid's sized crash helmet to make the dome

    Everything you see is made of plastic.

    Alan "WOF" thank's for all you help and for making these templates

    let me know what you guy's thinks.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dscf1271copy-jpg   dscf1276-jpg   dscf1273-jpg  

    dscf1272-jpg   dscf1285copy-jpg   dscf1277-jpg  

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    WOW that is a great piece of work you have there and a great scratch build. Now all you need to do is get some paint on that bad boy!!!!

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    amazing work man!! very nicely done...mad skills...

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    very, very nice!!!

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    Mad skills!!!!!

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    thanks all

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    That looks awesome. The bar has been set very high once again. I agree with deadland. Get some paint on it!!! Sorry to hear about your photos, I would have loved to have seen them.

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    Woh!!! That is very well done brother! Congratulations!!!

    Now paint that thing!!


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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    That is awesome. You have some real talent!

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    Re: My attempted helmet tutorial

    Looks boss!!!.. Its amazing to me how people manage stuff using every day materials.. I,am about to start painting my helmet and im eager to see how you do yours and copy you..

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