Modified Jango, or DP Boba

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    Modified Jango, or DP Boba

    So im looking to Modify a either a DP Boba Bucket, or a Jango bucket. Is their a major differnece in the two. keep in mind this is modding for 501st acceptance.

    Any tips tricks or suggestions?

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    Re: Modified Jango, or DP Boba

    Modify it to be Boba or Jango? When I first started I mod'd one of those DP Bobas to a jango. The Dented Helemt is like crack. You will get hooked, and quick. Then you see everyone elses suits and realize, mine sucks, I need to upgrade. If your ultimate goal is to be in the 501st, but a good helmet to start with. You will end up buying a new helmet anyway. A good helmet can make a not-so-great costume look better. A bad helmet on a great costume is still just a bad costume. I would advise to take your time, buy the good stuff the first time, or fall into this canstant upgrade money pit. Expect the process to take time. But with the economy, there is alot of stuff going up for sale, even complete suits.

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    Re: Modified Jango, or DP Boba

    I was looking to get a Boba, and i know that Master Replica's are really good, but i saw a Jango helmet COnverted into a Boba one, and isnt that also kinda going with Bobas story?

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    Re: Modified Jango, or DP Boba

    My first bucket was a Rubies jango convert to boba, i did some modding to it, painted it (did a good job if i say so myself). It looked good, still looks pretty good, and while the rest of my gear was also handmade, i felt i looked great. Then i went to dragoncon.

    Its a matter of what you want to be doing in that bucket.

    I loved my original bucket, i still like it alot, im working nad making a new one for myself because it looks too small on me. Thats my reason for getting a "size-accurate" bucket.

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