MMD Green Putty?

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    Progress pix using MMD Green Putty

    Hi there fellow Fett-heads! Got a question for ya.

    Has anyone ever used MMD's Green Putty as a filler for scratches, holes etc on a helmet? What kind of results did you get? Any advice or precautions on using it? I'm working on a slush-cast resin helmet, if that matters. Progress pix to follow later this week.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Anyone? Anyone?


    Right then. I just jumped in with both feet and used the Green Putty this week. It sands easily, but has a strong smell when you first apply it. I'd give it at least an hour before you start sanding. You can apply it and smooth it out easily. It's mainly for scale models, R/C cars etc, but it seems to work well so far.

    Here are some progress pix, as promised. The bondo is pink/red the green is obviously the MMD Green Putty. LMK what ya think guys and gals.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dome-3_19-w-jpg   rear-3_19-w-jpg   left-side-3_19-w-jpg  

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    Re: MMD Green Putty?

    I have used it on things like my gauntlets, kness, and helmet. It starts to kick right away, but I like it.

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