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    Hey THD. Got a bit of a road block in front of me. At first, when I decided to really make progress on my Boba Fett costume, I was sure that I would create an SE Fett. However, after some extensive research, I came to like the classic ROTJ Fett. And after super (probably unhealthy ) research, I'm in a slump between the two. Post some pictures (SE and ROTJ) of some lid if you can! I'd like to see helmets with fairly unaltered lighting so I can see them just for what they really are.On another note, I know that the ROTJ helmet is a light olive like color compared to his darker green armor, is that true with the SE? It seems like the green in that helmet matches with the armor more so.Thanks everybody!

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    Re: MidBobaCrisis

    Here is the ROTJ Hero suit (promo image) and the ROTJ exibit suit (MoM, DaG and SWtE), which has 70% original ROTJ Hero parts:

    rotj-hero-jpg rotj-dag-jpg

    The ROTJ SE suit is composed by the ESB Hero helmet, the ROTJ Hero jetpack and the rest (?) are ROTJ stunt parts:


    And here is a comparison image with the ESB and ROTJ helmets:


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    Re: MidBobaCrisis

    There's no reason you couldn't do both... you can get an extra helmet! Paint one up as ROTJ and the other as ESB!

    I'm not sure if the ammo belt on the SE has more pouches though. You'd have to look that up.

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    Re: MidBobaCrisis

    lol. My budget would only allow for so many parts! Besides, I'd rather do one really good helmet rather than putting attention to two. Rafal, Thank you for the pictures. They will help a lot!

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    Re: MidBobaCrisis

    Psh, ROTJ helmet is lame . If you mush have the red gaunts go SE with the Empire helmet

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    Re: MidBobaCrisis

    There are qualities of the ROTJ helmet I find very appealing. The blue green cheekbone bleeds from the color of the blue in the jetpack quite well. ESB is great because of the patterns of the battle scarring as well as the deep crimson frame around the visor.

    Is the green in the helmet in the SE version really the same color green as the rest of the green armor? It seems that way from the picture. That's my only complaint about the ROTJ helmet. What matches that olive color on the suit?

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    Re: MidBobaCrisis

    Finally came to an absolute decision! Due to proportions, color, and gut feelings, I have decided to go with the pure ROTJ Boba Fett all the way ! This scene in particular has always stuck with me as Boba looking his coolest so I think it would make sense to replicate that specific Fett!
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