Masking Helmet Sections

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    Masking Helmet Sections

    What's the best method of masking the dome, mandibles, cheeks, etc, without pulling off paint?

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    Re: Masking Helmet Sections

    I usually stick the tape to my arm/leg/face/shirt to take of a bit of stickiness. Otherwise, I seal the paint with acrylic.

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    Re: Masking Helmet Sections

    Its a good idea to spray the area to be masked with a clear coat such as testors dull coat or semi gloss too.

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    Re: Masking Helmet Sections

    Assuming you haven't thought of it already, you should also use painter's tape.
    Its usually blue and looks just like masking tape. The adhesive is gentler, since
    its main purpose is for masking surfaces that are to be painted.

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    Re: Masking Helmet Sections

    If you are using an airbrush you shouldn't have to mask it at all just card board pieces to block spray. To put on the stripes use a coat of semi gloss or dulcoate.


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