Masking a helmet?

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    Masking a helmet?

    Hey Fett paint experts,

    When you liquid mask a section of the helmet do you liquid mask everything laying down all the different colors and then peel?

    For example: When I stencil out the silver damage on the back panel, mask it, pop it with gray (ROTJ) do I peel it right off when the paint is dry or is it okay to THEN stencil out the gray damage, mask it and pop it with the green?

    Just seems like you're doing twice the work on the same section. If I peeled off the silver, I would have to remask it when I peeled off the gray.

    Just wondering because I've researched and I'm sure everyone has a different way of doing it.

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    Re: Masking a helmet?

    I know that humbrol maskol has a tendency to become harder to remove the longer it sits, so I prefer to peel it when the paint is dry without letting it sit, then remarking everything and painting it the next color. Just my observation.

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    Re: Masking a helmet?

    i prefer to peel every layer maybe 2 layers.. the maskol seems to get lost with to many layers..

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    Re: Masking a helmet?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Masking a helmet?

    Thanks for the tips! I had this question and found it right away after a search on maskol

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