Mandalorian Blueprints?

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    Mandalorian Blueprints?

    I've seen links to these on the net but none of them seem to work.

    Specifically, I'm looking for a template I can use to cut the visor area for my scratch built bucket. I could make on with paintshop but if someone already has a template, I can just resize it to fit my helm.

    Any help or leads are appreciated.

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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?

    Update: I stuck my foot in my mouth since i just found the blueprints online. (anyone need them?)

    However, I still need the helmet template since the blueprints only cover the body armor.

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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?

    Yeah any blueprints you have post a link to or email them to me bud, I would appreciate it.

    Are you looking for the color template for the bucket? Cause thats exactly what I'm looking for as well.


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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?

    There's a download link at the top of this page.

    Mandalorian Blueprints

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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?


    Glad you found them....

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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?

    hey that's my WIP site


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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?

    I have tried downloading the blueprints at least three times now, and the .zip file is empty???

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    Re: Mandalorian Blueprints?

    I have downloaded it and its OK, 22 files inside.

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