Making a Start

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    Making a Start

    Reading all these threads about Helmets as inspired me to make a start on my new Lid.

    A while ago i built up a lifesize Bust but it needed vast improvements and one of those was changing the Modified DP97

    Heres the bust i did (many changes needed i know)

    And here is the New Helmet and bits that i will be starting on soon

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    Re: Making a Start

    Forgot to mention i changed the DP97 from their version of ESB (say no more) to ROTJ.

    Im really not sure what to style to do the new one in.

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    Re: Making a Start

    Hi Si, whos lid did you go for?

    I did my MS in the ESB scheme as I already have the ROTJ (nice to have a change ) and personally once done, even though its ALOT more complicated it does look hell of a lot nicer IMO8)


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