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    Jul 28, 2012, 12:33 AM - Looking for a few opinions on my bucket build. #1

    the original thread to my build began on The RPF forums and can be found here. --------->Yet another Boba Fett Pep Build. WIP - Page 2

    I am totally new at the concept of building replica costumes and quite frankly I am in need of some advise from those more seasoned and expearianced with this. My original build started with Fierfek's .pdo file. After a few hiccups with the pep I produced a workable cardstock model that I glassed and began bondo work on. Once I got a good ways into this process tho The helmet just didnt seem like the right shape and no matter what i did I just couldnt seem to bring Boba's bucket to life with the medium I was working with. I knew it was possible as there were a couple of other good threads on the rpf forums that used the same pdo as me but so far my success was pretty limited.

    Im shooting for an ESB Bucket and after comparing some photos to what I have on my workbench im starting to wonder if it was feasible with what I have done to teh pieces so far. I came across another.pdo file that seemed a little more accurate to the movie so I printed it out and pepped it.

    The left bucket is my first attempt (Fierfek's PDO). the sides didnt seem to be the right angle and the shape of the dome is way off, not to mention the mandibles didnt seem to recess enough and it seemed like I was going to have to cut the mandible portions and recess them a bit more to be accurate. the right bucket is the other PDO file I found, I am not sure who the creator is so if it looks like your file please chime in and ill be more then happy to give credit where its due. originally the dome was unfolded in such a way that once pepped it had a almost curved cylinder look to it and it left a hole in the very top of the dome. I edited the pdo so that the dome looks a little more accurate.

    There are some other inaccuracies on the right bucket as well but they dont seem like anything I cant fix with some craftiness and bondo. So I guess my first question is.... which bucket shape appears more ESB accurate to you folks? I would eventually like to have a 501st approved costume so the end product will be heavily scrutinized. Since im new to the hobby in general I realize that may not happen with my first build but it does help to have goals =)
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    Jul 28, 2012, 3:19 AM - Re: Looking for a few opinions on my bucket build. #2

    Both helmets looks good, but not too accurate. Why not to try a helmet made from cardboard? I already have some templates, but --- SPOILER ALERT --- I have a new and more accurate template (work in progress) which will incorporate most of the helmet's un-symmetries.
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    Jul 28, 2012, 10:02 AM - Re: Looking for a few opinions on my bucket build. #3

    Im defintely not opposed to the idea of using the templates however I figured id look into the pepakura method first just to see what people thought about it. there have been some good looking buckets that have come from both of these pep files but none i would call movie accurate. The overall shape is the most important part obviously, once I can accomplish that the fine details are a matter of time and paitence.

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