Lifecolor Acrylic hobby Color

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    Lifecolor Acrylic hobby Color

    I'm in the UK and this paint is easy for me to get a hold of.
    I've been told to use humbrol,
    but i'm more comfortable using Acrylic paints.

    lifecolor seem to have a very comprehensive colour chart.

    Great Britain World War II and Today
    German Luftwaffe World War II
    German Luftwaffe Today
    USN USMC Aircraft World War II and Today
    Japanese Aircraft World War II
    Russian Aircraft World War II and Today
    USAF Aircraft World War II and Today
    Italian Aircraft World War II and Today
    French Aircraft World War II
    Israeli Aircraft
    Ships World War II
    Aircraft Interior parts
    Tanks World War II and Today
    German Tanks World War II
    Italian Army World War II
    NATO M.E.R.D.C.
    US Tanks Olive Drab
    German Uniforms World War II

    has anyone used it to paint their bucket?
    are the as good as testor, tamiya any feedback wolud be great.


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    Re: Lifecolor Acrylic hobby Color

    WOW! I've never heard of this company before, but you've got a lot of good color choices there. I've seen, but never used, White Ensign Model enamels before. Acrylics have come a long way, still not as durable as enamel, but it should spray out nicely. They seem to have a lot of the same colors that were used on the costume, which is a good start. However their "German Field Gray" may not be a close match to the Floquil version of that color. All you can do is try some out and see if you like them. The hard part will be finding the right equivalent for the railroad colors on the helmet. For example say the almost black Brunswick Green for the under cheeks, try out Black Green rlm 70. Let us know how it goes!

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Lifecolor Acrylic hobby Color

    Thanks for the info Ryan,
    that the problem I'm having as i don't have any physical colour references, i can't tell if i have the right colour or not.
    would need a helpful someone, to help me out with some colour samples.
    Buying colours on-line sometimes means you never get the exact colour you're after and these paints are a bit pricey when your on a budget.


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