Large Helmet Question

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    Large Helmet Question

    Hello all!
    I'm finally going to pull the trigger and slowly start piecing together my Fett, and I want to start with the helmet, of course.

    My question is which maker makes the biggest helmet? I have a rather large noggin, (23.75) and want to make sure there's a little room inside. I saw someone makes helmets for up to a 24" head but I would hope someone would have slightly larger. If anyone can direct me in the right direction, i would greatly appreciate it!

    Any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

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    Re: Large Helmet Question

    fettpride helmet original one

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    Re: Large Helmet Question

    Fett 4 Real said: View Post
    fettpride helmet original one

    Thank you sir, much appreciated!

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    Re: Large Helmet Question

    Animefan makes cold cast fiberglass helmets that are the original fettpride. I have a huge head and it fits me great. It also was great work.

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