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    Feb 18, 2008, 5:35 PM - Jobatt's modified WoF scratchbuilt helmet #1

    Hey all, I'd just like to say this is my first attempt at making something like this, but I've been slowly gathering the pieces for my Mandalorian costume for about half a year now. I've got the suit, gloves, and shoes, leather jacket (yeah, he's got a jacket) and now I'm onto the armor component at last. I'm starting with the helmet since I figure it'll take the most time. I've been following several threads, including Digifett's and Jaiden's and I think I'm ready.

    First of all I decided, with my limited resources and capabilities, I was going to need to find something to use as the base for my dome instead of using the WoF template. I guess you could say I was using a dome-down approach. After searching through various sports and bike stores, I finally found a cricket helmet that had the right measurements. Fortunately it was also on sale for about 15 pounds. I didn't get any pictures of it in it's original form, but after I removed the outer cloth covering, washed off the remaining glue residue, and sawed off the lower sections to make it fit, I ended up with this. I apologize in advance for the blurryness of some of the pictures.

    I also kept the internal padding to the cricket helmet (and various straps like the chin straps) for use on my helmet. I may end up taking it out for the final product because it may lower my eyeline too much.

    However, because I chose to first find a dome and then work downwards, the shape of the helmet is not the same as the WoF template would have me make. Mine is narrower and slightly longer (though still the same dome base circumference). I needed to make some changes to my initial design and change my helmet template cardboard cutouts. Here they are with the dome.

    And here is one with the Template going around my model:

    Fortunately for me, it appears the university I'm at currently has a lot of polystyrene sheets of the right thickness for me to make the rest of the helmet. apparently a student from a few years ago kept bringing stuff like them in because his dad owned a factory and after he left the art department just held onto them. I've begun the "barrel," but I need to make some more changes before I'll be ready to cook it. I've been borrowing a school camera at the moment, so hopefully I'll still have it when I get to the cooking stage.

    Another thing I wanted to bring up is my lack of Bondo. I have something here called Green Putty that is used for model kits and such, but I'm wary of it. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for Bondo, or should I definately hunt it down?
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    Feb 19, 2008, 1:16 AM - Re: Jobatt's modified WoF scratchbuilt helmet #2

    Hi Jobatt,

    The stuff I used is basically for repairing holes in walls. A bit like plaster, but stronger. I bought it at a hardware store. The product name differs from country to country, but I guess the product itself is sort of similar. I think in the UK it is called PolyFilla. Drywall Spackling paste is also quite popular. Bondo (US) is as far as I know a 2 component paste used in the automotive industry to fix dents or scratches on cars.
    Good luck! You're off to a good start! Lookin' forward to your progress.

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    Feb 19, 2008, 1:47 AM - Re: Jobatt's modified WoF scratchbuilt helmet #3

    If you're in the UK check out plastic padding it's a two part filler and can be found at all car accessory shops or just go in and ask for body filler they'll know what you mean it's essentially the same as Bondo.
    Good luck

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