Identifying a lid

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    Identifying a lid

    Is there anyway of identifying a maker of a Fett helmet?

    I bought mine last year of ebay and just trying to work out if its possible to tell who did the cast or paint work etc and any other history there may be to it? it signed by both Boba actors as well so trying to find out if these are legit or faked.... its a quality lid and paint job so i imagine it might have come from here or someone on here might have worked on it or know a bit about it?

    If i posted some pics of it what would be the best identifying areas to show to try and help with identification... also would any measurements help?

    any guidance appreciated, i'd just like to know a bit of history to my lid... it would help to justify the price tag too ;P

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    Re: Identifying a lid

    I reckon there is a good chance it can be identified with some pictures posted.

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