HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

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    HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

    hp9-jpgHello fellow members...please forgive me for posting this in the Boba Fett Helmet Forum but I wanted to share this with all of you. I was watching tv this weekend and I came across a movie called Hunter Prey. The characters had really cool looking costumes that reminded me of Boba Fett, Manadaloriam Mercs, Clone Trooper and Predator. Sort of a hybrid mix of all four. I did some research on the net and came up with these pics. Check them out and let me know what you think.

    Movie trailers:
    Hunter Prey - Trailer [2010] - YouTube
    Hunter Prey - Official Trailer [HQ] - YouTube


    Again I apologize if this is in the wrong forum but the costumes are too cool not to check out.hp1-jpghp2-jpghp3-jpghp4-jpghp5-jpghp6-jpghp7-jpghp8-png
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    Re: HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

    That would indeed look sweet with a fett inspired paint up! Very cool helmet :-)

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    Re: HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

    This is the same guy (Sandy Collera) who made the Batmanead End short a few years back.

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    I loved that film. They used pieces of CT and TK armor for the project.

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    Re: HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

    Looks pretty boss

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    Re: HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

    I watched a bit of this one again today, I watched it last year the first time.

    This time I was really paying attention to the armor and helmet. They did a nice job on costuming on this set. The damage and the weathering was top notch.

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    Re: HUNTER PREY - Cool new bucket and armor

    Freaking cool!

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