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    Oct 9, 2011, 8:46 PM - humbrol or floquil #1

    this is pretty new to me so if you guys were choosing paint is one better than the other? keeping in mind i am using an airbrush kit to paint my helmet.

    thanks delko
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    Oct 9, 2011, 9:08 PM - Re: humbrol or floquil #2

    I live in australia, and humbrols are far more available here, and while I can get floquils, they are about $10-$11 each, where humrols are only about $2.50-$3 each. So I use humbrols, with a couple specific floquil colours like caboose or boxcar red for the mandibles, and I prefer floquil concrete for the back panel beige. But both are excellent quality paints, and there are extensive colour lists for both, so really whatever is best available to you, and what you find easier to use. :-)
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    Oct 9, 2011, 10:13 PM - Re: humbrol or floquil #3

    I'm new to the airbrushing scene, but from some of what I have read online there is a contingent that feels of the enamels, humbrol seems to work best out of the airbrush. However, enamels all tend to be crankier than acrylics. I just received a large order of Humbrol paints for my bucket paint up.

    Check out this thread:

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