HELP with scratch built helmet

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    HELP with scratch built helmet

    Well, I have been working on a scratch made helmet. I have the front and back cut and I have ran in to a problem. I cannot get the shape right on the cheek. I just can't picture it flat. Could be that my head hurts from working on this all day. I feel like I have rusty gears grinding around in there. Any body have any suggestions? I am working with sintra. Part of my problem I think is that it is to stiff. But if I got that shape right it would go on smooth. For now i am taking a brake and hopping that my fellow TDHers mite be able to help.

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    Re: HELP with scratch built helmet

    I don' know if you have already seen these reference photos,
    but this shows any possible angle of Boba's armor and helmet:

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    You might also try mixing up a batch of Bondo (Auto Body putty) to shape that cheek you are having trouble with, you can Dremel it, Sand it, carve it, and it's a lot easier to work with than a hard plastic.

    From the photos I have seen of the helmet, the cheeks are curved a bit.

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    Re: HELP with scratch built helmet

    Are you trying to do the cheeks in one piece? If so....good luck. I tried that and I couldn't get it to work. I went with the bondo as mentioned above and it seemed to work well enough, and it is pretty easy to work with.

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    Re: HELP with scratch built helmet

    Thanks guys. I think bondo is gona be the solution.

    I have the curved upper part of the cheek and the flat side of the cheek as two separate parts. I try and shape the curved part and I just can't get it. So I think I am going to back the flat part and the face plate with ducked tape and then cover with bondo. That should work. Just not the way I wanted to do it. O well.

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    Re: HELP with scratch built helmet

    Here's a pic.
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