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    Hi all,

    Iím a new poster to this site but have already spent many hours scanning the forum for tips and advice. Iím going to put together a Boba Fett outfit, which Iím confident I can paint on my own, but less confident about major construction work (in other words donít think Iíll be building anything from scratch). I hope to get a few pieces second hand , as really canít afford the whole Bobamaker kit (great though it looks). My main issue is with the helmet. Being 5í 7'' and very slim, I really donít want a movie sized version. Having said that I certainly donít want one of those hideous slimline Rubies helmets! I would be happy with a Don Post deluxe or even the Don Post 95 (as shown on TK409 site), but of course an original (especially at a good price seems almost impossible to find). Can anyone recommend a reputable seller of a recast or these or a similar size helmet, as I donít really want to rely on ebay for a purchase? Would prefer a seller in the UK, but any recommendations would be great.

    Many thanks in advance

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