Helmet Terminology

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    Helmet Terminology


    I created this image and list of terms/parts used in the ESB dented helmet. The intention was to get words to search for in this great forum. When searching I suggest that you also include “RafalFett”, he has posted some amazing details and original research about the helmets.

    The terms used in the image:
    1. Rangefinder
    2. 2 red LED
    3. 3 lamps-white
    4. Arm/Stalk
    5. Polaroid™ SX-70 Viewfinder eyepiece
    6. Perspex™ lens block
    7. Dome
    8. Dent
    9. 14 Kill stripes
    10. Fingerprint
    11. British anti-riot helmet chin strap & cup
    12. Left earpiece/cap
    13. Physical damage
    14. Cheeks (Upper and Lower)
    15. Mandibles
    16. T-visor, smoked perspex
    17. 3-hole Borden connector
    18. Right lower earpiece/cap
    19. Keyhole, 6 slots
    20. CASIO™ MQ-1 circuit board
    21. Letraset™ dry transfers Folio® bold condensed
    22. Right upper earpiece/cap
    23. Cat scratch
    24. Brow
    25. Turn signals/Triangles
    26. Rectangle/Rectangular indent/Hollow dash/Gutter
    27. Backplate

    Surely there are other named details? What do you call them?

    === Edits:
    #25 identified by superjedi as "Turn signals" and Fett 4 Real as "Helmet triangles".
    #26 Some suggestions: Rectangle [Fett 4 Real] / Rectangular indent/Hollow dash [RafalFett] / Gutter [Cyris], only "rectangle" seems to be used in the forum.
    Added Upper and Lower cheeks and Backplates, thanks RafalFett.
    Also changed to "Polaroid™ SX-70 viewfinder eyepiece", which seems to be the term used in manuals.

    I'm thinking of for example:
    - Ear decals (for the white areas?)
    - Flares
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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    MV, nice work!
    I think most people would refer to the missing term as "turn signals."

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    Helmet triangles

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    Haha, turn signals. Never thought about that!

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    Great job this will help out many new people! I also call the triangles turn signals

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    Thanks, I've updated the image and added another question mark.
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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    You did a great work! The missing part should be named rectangular indent or hollow dash.You should also separate the cheeks in lower and upper cheeks and you can also add the back plates to the corresponding parts.

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    I've never really called that little rectangle anything except a little rectangle.

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    I thought the little rectangle was called the "gutter." I can't remember where I've seen it referred to as such around here, but I swear I've seen it before... Anyway, great job, Mars! I like "turn signals" as well!

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    Updated image and thinking of adding "ear decal" for the white areas.
    Just used "Rectangle" in the image.
    This is my message number 5, I'm a regular now I guess.

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    Re: Helmet Terminology

    Thank MarsV, that was fun to look at. Cool man

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