Greetings all. I have a question for any of you that has finished a WOF template helmet.

Well a couple of silly questions really.

The first is I used a sheet of .080 white polystyrene. I will give a walk through later about how I went about putting it together, as I overcame quite a few newbie build problems the hard way, simple things really that some of you experts dont realize us newbs dont know

Anyway, to finish the mandible/cheek sections I used red bondo spot glazing putty. It looks great, but it cracks, because the helmet flexes there.

So, Did I use the wrong putty, is there something more 'flexible' I can use to fill holes or what.

Also, I couldnt find ANYTHING to glue this stuff. Superglue, jb weld, everthing just popped/flaked right off. I had to use the glue that the plastic shop had for it, which basically melted it and stuck it together.

Anyone else ever have that problem?

Lastly, I have an old don post helmet. I dug it out after making quite a bit of my template helmet. The dome shape is close, but the cheecks/mandibles are totally different. Deeper, and most importantly, the lower/lost straight line/jaw line is very straight on the WOF template but on the don post helmet, flares out quite a bit. Ill take some pics and post when I get home so you can see what im talking about.

Im wondering if there is an 'idealized' mando helmet, and it differens quite a bit from the 'actual' shape of the helmet.

Anyway, thanks for listening.