Helmet assembly steps?

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    Helmet assembly steps?

    Alright Boba gods,... I'm stumped.
    I need help with the actual assembly of a scratch helmet. I've downloaded all of the templates, printed them out and cut them out (I'm awestruck at WOF's attention to detail). Now I have a living room full of unassembled Boba head (which just thrills the Mrs.), and no direction as to "what gets attached to what first, last, etc.".
    Can any of you geniuses point me towards a thread or give me a nudge in some sort of direction?

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    Re: Helmet assembly steps?

    Are you making yours out of cardboard or plastic?

    I can try and help you out, but I'm more of a specifics kind of guy.

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    Re: Helmet assembly steps?

    WOF,... once again, wow. I can't believe I didn't see this Antman post. EXCELLENT!!
    While I've got your attention WOF, what program do you use for these works of art?, and secondly does it come in a Mac?

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