Su'cuy ner'vode, Im TheKid(Refrence im a fan of Billy the Kid), and im new to TDH, altho ive been lookin thru your Forums for quite a while now, and barely had the chance to join. Heres some Background on me:

Hobbies: Involve Star Wars, Gaming, Collecting, Hopefully a future in Trooping in Custom Beskar'gam(Dont know if its the right term im kinda rusty).
Job: Freelance Tattoo-Artist, Masonry, Roofing.

If you have anyother questions about me just ask...ill tell you if they're not to personal :P

So heres my first question for you guys...i know some people dont Suggest the Rubies Boba Helm(i bought one and i see why) but what are your Views on it, is there away to make it 'not suck' and make it better if so how would i go about doing that?

Thank you