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    Dec 7, 2010, 9:18 PM - Hasbro Marker and interior mod #1

    Hey all!
    I haven't really posted anything that ive been working on as of yet...this is my first!

    So i bought the Hasbro helmet a few months back, and like so many amateur fett fans, i thought i could make it look the part.....but being an amateur, i quickly decided against doing any exterior modifications, and work solely on interior, and the paint job!

    you can see it here - C.W. Boba Fett Helmet mod by ~teamzoth on deviantART

    I didn't paint anything due to budget, but i had a lot of permanent markers, so i weathered it all with those. I did it in a very pointalist fashion, so you don't see any marker lines, it just looks like burns and scratches.

    as for the interior, everyone that bought this helmet knows how much it sux...i mean really!, that stupid goggle shaped thing inside, that hurts your nose? even a kid can't wear it for more then 5 minutes without feeling the pain. so i ripped that out, along with the cage/belt like head holding piece, that made the helmet wobbly and ripped out your hairs.

    I then (i'm on a budget...) took an old skate board helmet i had lying around, and removed the Styrofoam insert with padding, and spent a couple hours carving it, and as luck will have it, it was a perfect fit!
    After that, i velcroed foam on the sides, and a piece of foam where the nose goes and now the helmet is super comfortable!, i could easily wear it for hours.
    I also removed the T-visor, and put some window tinter on the inside.

    The Helmet's proportions may be way off in every sense, but i figured it could be seen as a style thing. With the right weathering,and a dark t-visor i think it looks pretty cool...though definitely not as menacing....more like a "Boba Fett : the quest for peace" childrens (age 0-5) light adventure!

    any way, just thought i would share this with the community, and i'd love to hear some of your thoughts on it
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  3. BGHunter is offline BGHunter
    Dec 8, 2010, 2:59 AM - Re: Hasbro Marker and interior mod #2

    Definently done the lid justice good work on the interiior TO IT LOOKS COMFY next try your hand at a more acurate style lid
    Keep it up
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    Dec 15, 2010, 9:37 AM - Re: Hasbro Marker and interior mod #3

    yeah, i'm definitely going to try and go for a more accurate bucket next time.
    though to be honest, my strong point is painting, so i'll probably just get one from boba maker, and paint it up some time in the future

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