GMH sizing differences?

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    GMH sizing differences?

    I have owned both the Fiberglass GMH and the resin GMH helmets that Fettpride has been offering.
    The Fiberglass fit fine, however the resin atrocity will not even fit over my head.
    anyone else experience a sizing difference?

    Is it because the resin is soooo thick, or is it an actually shrinkage issue?

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    Re: GMH sizing differences?

    I havent been able to size the fiberglass version, but I can say for certain that the resin GMH does not fit my head either. I wear a 7 3/8 hat so I was a bit surprised it didnt fit....

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    Re: GMH sizing differences?

    for comparison
    Here's my Fiberglass MR Premium on the left, and the fiberglass GMH in the middle, and the Resin GMH on the right.

    Granted, these were taken months apart (and I did lose 25 lbs since the first 2 pics were taken), but it's obvious that there's a slight problem.

    That's as far as the helmet will go on.
    *insert "big-head" jokes here if you must*

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    Re: GMH sizing differences?

    It is probably like a pair of blue jeans, just think positive and force it will loosen up....

    sarcasm of course

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    Re: GMH sizing differences?

    **** i hope it didn't shrink that much. How big is your head anyway?

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