Greetings to all,

Just wanted to post up a Thank You to the Community as I have almost (Still need LED's in the RF Cap) finished my Helmet, and am now another step closer to completing my costume...Without this site I would have no clue where to start and thus have nothing...

I wanted to especially thank:

Stormtrooperguy--for his ROTJ Rattlecan thread
mmgraphics--For his guidance on attaching the earcaps with bolts and magnets
Fettdad--for his never ending help and support
lucksy31--for his amazing killstripe decals
my friends at the 501st Garrison Carida Mark and Shawn for their continued guidance

Most importantly--FettPride--for making AN AWESOME bucket...this is without a doubt my MOST PRIZED material possession....Thank You soooo Much for all that you do for all of us....

Unfortunately..I still can't firgure out how to post photos from my computer...So if you guys don't mind following the link to my Flickr you can check out the progress photos there...Thanks Again So Much!!