FP deluxe range finder advice?

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    FP deluxe range finder advice?

    For those that have the FP deluxe helmet how do you get the bottom piece of the hollow range finder on? Are you gluing it? Velcro? I want to put electronics in it too. Do I have to hollow it out to fit the chip?

    Any advice? Tips? Thanks.

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    Re: FP deluxe range finder advice?

    The screw method is easy if you have the tools, just drill 2 small holes in the stalk on the "T" section wings, then two holes to match in the RF topper. Simply put small screws or bolts through the stalk and the topper, add your electronics, close off the topper and GTG!

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    Scott, I believe you have the hollow wired stalk version my friend. This means that the wires that come out of the top of the stalk attach to LED's that you must install. The wires that run down the stalk go through the cresent shaped slot in the upper ear cap and through to the inside of the helmet where you would install your battery pack and blinker board.

    I believe you are talking about installing the clear bottom in your post reference. This can be glued in on the sides once your LED's are installed since LED's will virtually last forever. I would recommend making your connections and verifying that everything works first before sealing it up in case you happen to overload the LED's accidentally while hooking up your interior electronics.

    The version you have is the screen accurate version.

    If you were looking to have self contained electronics housed in the RF Topper alone, you have the incorrect version. As stated in my helmet thread, unless specified, the default topper that is included is the screen accurate version. If you would like the self contained version, I would be happy to exchange if you like. Just shoot me a PM


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    Re: FP deluxe range finder advice?

    Ohh now i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: FP deluxe range finder advice?

    It's the one I wanted. I just was wondering how the clear bottom was put on. I'm using the LED , stalk, and metal earcaps from the MR Fett. Unfortunately, that helmet met with an untimely accident, so i'm canibalizing parts from it for the FP helmet. It also has a nifty thing that when the scope is lowered a circuit is created causing the LED's to start. It's going to have a wireless RC servo control too. So, you pretty much answered my question Chris. Thanks so much.
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    Hm? I know that the electronic board in the MR RF is pretty darn small. You should probably still be able to fit it in with my clear bottom without modification. There's a pretty big void behind the acrylic that should suffice.

    Attaching the MR stalk to my RF might be an issue though, as the bolts are aligned different. If you'd clued me in to what you were up to, I could have sent you a topper without the bolt holes as they are cast without them - I drill each set as I go :-) I do this for the specific purpose of flexibility for cases just like this If you run into a snag, let me know

    Beyond that not sure about your using the MR caps. That just seems blasphemous ! They're not accurate

    I am of course kidding you ;-) It's your party my friend. Best of luck

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    Re: FP deluxe range finder advice?

    I'll just fill the holes with Milliput and redrill them.

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